World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Academy announces groundbreaking computer-based testing partnership with Pearson VUE

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, March 17, 2014 — For the first time, nuclear security professionals can formally demonstrate their competence through a new certification programme launched by the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Academy, in partnership with computer-based testing leaders Pearson VUE.

WINS has estimated there are over 200,000 personnel responsible for nuclear and radioactive material security worldwide, yet until the launch of this groundbreaking set of tests there had been no existing structure of required competences or an accredited programme for professionals with accountabilities for nuclear security. WINS estimates an ongoing international demand of approximately 20,000 trained professionals per year and these certificates will allow job applicants to demonstrate their competence to potential employers.

Candidates can sit the certification exams at over 5,100 test centres in 175 countries. Computer-based testing means that the exams can be taken on-demand, allowing greater flexibility for professionals with accountabilities for nuclear security around the world.

Throughout 2014, WINS and Pearson VUE will launch nine self-paced training courses designed to assess whether professionals have the required level of knowledge. They will take the first course, the Foundations of Nuclear Security and then have the option of enrolling in one of eight other elective courses for the various stakeholders in a nuclear security programme. All courses will be available for individual or group purchase online.

Dr. Roger Howsley, Executive Director of WINS, said: “This new partnership with Pearson VUE will for the first time offer tens of thousands of professionals with accountabilities for nuclear security the opportunity to prove they have the crucial knowledge of how to manage nuclear security programmes.”

Bob Whelan, CEO and President of Pearson VUE, said: “We are honoured to be working with the WINS Academy in their efforts to provide greater access to continuing education in nuclear security. This initiative will help professionals demonstrate their competence, become certified and pursue their career advancement goals.”

About WINS

WINS ( provides an international forum for those accountable for nuclear security to share and promote the implementation of best security practices. Their mission is to help improve security of nuclear and high hazard radioactive materials so that they are secure from unauthorised access, theft, sabotage and diversion and cannot be utilised for terrorist or other nefarious purposes.

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