TCG Hamilton selects Pearson VUE to deliver exams of leading cross-sector certification bodies in new global multi-year partnership

NEW DELHI, INDIA, April 22, 2014 — A new multi-year partnership between TCG Hamilton Group Inc. and computer-based assessment leader Pearson VUE means that professionals working in business process outsourcing (BPO), talent management, IT, hospitality and teaching across 100 countries can now conveniently, and in a highly secure manner, attain certifications from leading credentialing organisations on the TCG Hamilton worldwide network.

The new partnership spurs the outsourcing and ICT-based industries in developing countries by opening a new workforce-qualification platform.

Managed by TCG Hamilton India Limited, part of the TCG Hamilton Group Inc., the partnership means that individuals registered with TCG Hamilton can take certification exams at any of Pearson VUE’s highly secure network of over 5,000 test centres across 175 countries. Potential certification candidates outside major cities no longer have to travel long distances to take their certification examinations, and on-demand testing means complete scheduling convenience for examinees.

Under this arrangement, Pearson VUE will deliver examinations for certifications of the prestigious BPO Certification Institute (BCI) to agents, team leaders, managers, trainers and senior professionals working in the international BPO industry. Additionally, certification exams for the Talent Management Institute (TMI), the Software Qualifications Board of America (SQBA) and the Global Service Quality Institute (GSQI) will also be delivered across the world by Pearson VUE.

This contract was signed in the Gurgaon offices of TCG Hamilton India Limited on Friday, Jan. 21, 2014. In attendance at the signing, Fiona Collins, VP Market Development and Executive Sponsor for India, Pearson VUE said: “Test delivery demands have increased significantly across the world, with India leading the way, and Pearson VUE is committed to delivering the very best testing solutions to TCG Hamilton Group Inc.’s global clients.”

Rajiv Gupta, Group President of TCG Hamilton Group Inc., said: “Pearson VUE expands our capacity to impact the world’s most important professions globally.”

Sanjeeva Shukla, Group Associate President of TCG Hamilton Group Inc., said that the Pearson VUE partnership lends major support to its initiatives to improve employability and professional capabilities of the workforce outside the developed world.

Bob Whelan, President and CEO, Pearson VUE, said: “I am proud to have signed this multi-year agreement in India with TCG Hamilton Group Inc. Improvements in Talent Management standards at companies worldwide, along with the acceleration of Information Technology and ICT-based industries like BPO and hospitality, require a large qualified and certified workforce. I am confident that Pearson VUE’s global test centre footprint and its premium testing services will support TCG Hamilton’s objective of growing a large certified workforce across multiple industries.”

(l to r) Brijesh Kohli, Business Development Manager, India; Fiona Collins, Vice President Market Development and Executive Sponsor for India; Rajiv Gupta, Group President, TCG Hamilton Group Inc; Sanjeeva Shukla, Group Associate President, TCG Hamilton Group Inc.

About TCG Hamilton Group, Inc.

TCG Hamilton Group Inc. ( provides a range of specialized services to global certification giants. They are the world’s first, only and largest provider of highly specialized ground-support services to the international credentialing and excellence recognition industry with leading global certification bodies as its clients and members. The services provided are related to assessments, customer interaction, audits, partner management and research and consulting. TCG Hamilton handles these processes exclusively on behalf of client institutes worldwide. It manages delivery of 30 of the world’s most prestigious international certifications for professionals and enterprises including those of the BPO standards and credentialing leaders such as the BPO Certification Institute (BCI), the Talent Management Institute (TMI), the Software Qualifications Board of America(SQBA) and the Global Service Quality Institute(GSQI).

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