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Acclaim, Scaled Agile, Inc. launch digital recognition for SAFe-certified professional

BLOOMINGTON, MN, May 18, 2017 – Acclaim announced today that it has begun issuing open badges for Scaled Agile, Inc, the world’s leading framework for enterprise agility practiced by over 70 percent of US Fortune 100 companies.

The Scaled Agile Professional Certification Program will utilize Acclaim to issue badges incrementally for select SAFe certification levels beginning this month. All remaining badges will be issued by July 2017.

“Scaled Agile is a terrific fit for Acclaim,” said Jarin Schmidt, director of Acclaim services. “Employers increasingly value the skills and knowledge validated by these credentials. In partnering with Scaled Agile, we’re ensuring professionals get the recognition they deserve while giving employers improved transparency and verification offered through open badges.”

Scaled Agile is investing in badges to provide easier access to job opportunities for its SAFe-certified professionals, and to strengthen the way in which the organization manages its brand presence online.

“Digital badges are quickly becoming the new standard for displaying achievements online,” said Chris James, president and chief operating officer, Scaled Agile. “The Acclaim digital badging platform⎯used by companies like IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft⎯provides both employers and peers with evidence of what SAFe-certified professionals have done to earn a credential and the skills associated with it. People work hard to gain SAFe certification and we want to help them capitalize on the career opportunities facilitated by Acclaim’s social sharing and labor market insights capabilities.”

About Acclaim
Acclaim is an award-winning digital professional recognition platform backed by Pearson, the world’s learning company. Using digital badging technology, we help individuals move forward in their careers through managing, sharing and verifying professional achievements that directly connect to career opportunities across the world. For more, visit

About Scaled Agile, Inc. (SAI)
Based in Boulder, Colorado, Scaled Agile’s mission is to help system- and software-dependent enterprises achieve better outcomes, increase employee engagement, and improve business economics through adoption of Lean-Agile principles and practices based on the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). SAI supports over 120,000 practitioners of the Framework through training, certification, consulting services, and a global partner network that reaches over 35 countries and 350 cities. As a contributing member of the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy movement, SAI also seeks to inspire, facilitate, and encourage other companies to make a positive impact in their community. Learn about Scaled Agile, and the Scaled Agile Framework, at and

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