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Top IT companies attend Pearson VUE event in Beijing: applying technology to professional assessment

Pearson VUE, the global leader in computer-based testing (CBT), hosted a special event in Beijing yesterday demonstrating how technology is being applied to professional assessment globally.

Speakers and representatives from top IT companies – including Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, Oracle, VMware, CompTIA, ZTE and Baidu – along with more than 30 renowned Chinese IT training agencies, were joined by host Dr Gary Gates, senior vice president – global business at Pearson VUE, at the Beijing Global Trade Center to discuss how to cultivate high-tech professionals by continuously enhancing IT talent training and credentialing in China.

Dr Gates said: “It is important to have a system of developing exams that conform to global standards of validity, reliability and fairness. For the past 20 years, Pearson VUE has played a significant role in the IT world helping test sponsors to develop, manage, deliver and grow their certification exams. Through the increasing availability and convenience of local test centers, IT professionals have opportunities to get certified, prove their skills and provide benefit to both employers and society.”

Attendee Wang Jifeng, chairman of Nanjing Jiance Science & Technology Co. Ltd., said: “The supply of talented people with cutting-edge technologies barely meets market demand at a time when IT technologies are developing rapidly. To fill the gap, we analyze supply and demand in the personnel market through evaluation and selection of advanced technologies, combine theoretical knowledge with engineering practices, and enhance the competitiveness and potential of personnel by bringing together basic skills and the newest technologies, thus enabling the balance of supply and demand in the labor market.”

Also attending the event, Mr. Yi Mingpeng, general manager of Easthome (Beijing) Consulting Services Co. Ltd., shared his unique views on talent cultivation via cutting-edge technologies. He said: “IT-related training companies have long been shifting their focus from specializing in one area to developing versatile, talented people and it is an inevitable trend of fast-growing IT technologies. The learning demand is more comprehensive than before, including project management, IT service management, and a broad range of soft skills.”

Pearson VUE delivers its exams via a network of over 5,000 highly secure test centers in 180 countries. Instead of travelling long distances to a city-center exam hall, candidates can book their test on-demand and attend a local test center at a date and time of their choice.

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