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The American Board of Dermatology and Arbet Consulting Inc. to deliver restructured examination program through Pearson VUE’s integrated assessment solution

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Jan. 10 2018 – The American Board of Dermatology and its psychometric and test administration vendor, Arbet Consulting Inc. (ACI), has extended and expanded its agreement with Pearson VUE, the global leader in computer-based testing, to leverage its integrated solution.

The new agreement means that the American Board of Dermatology, through its relationship with ACI, will use Pearson VUE’s integrated platform – a testing system that strikes the right balance between security and flexibility – to deliver its restructured Board certification program. The exams will be delivered via Pearson VUE’s network of test centers across the United States, its online proctored, anywhere proctored, and unproctored assessment solutions.

“Arbet Consulting Inc. provides the flexibility and uniformity needed to provide the Board, its candidates and diplomates with the service it requires as our exams are restructured to better emphasize the application of knowledge. We are pleased Arbet Consulting Inc. has a professional partner in Pearson VUE,” said Lela A. Lee, MD, associate executive director of the American Board of Dermatology.

“Pearson VUE’s integrated delivery model is a forward-thinking, flexible solution for dermatology candidates,” said Scott Arbet, Ph.D., president of Arbet Consulting Inc.

Bob Whelan, president of Pearson Assessments, said: “Arbet Consulting Inc. and the leadership of the American Board of Dermatology have entrusted us to support its program, and we look forward to serving their candidates and diplomates throughout their journey to Board certification.”

About American Board of Dermatology
The American Board of Dermatology is one of 24 medical specialty boards that make up the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Through ABMS, the boards work together to establish common standards for physicians to achieve and maintain board certification. The boards were founded by their respective specialties to protect the public by assessing and certifying doctors who meet specific educational, training and professional requirements. The American Board of Dermatology is an independent, non-profit organization.

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