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Pearson VUE and IDEMIA advance ID verification in computer-based testing

Minneapolis, MN, March 18, 2019 — Pearson VUE, the global leader in computer-based testing, and IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, have partnered to develop and deploy enhanced ID verification solutions across Pearson VUE’s robust range of global test delivery options, used by leading organizations around the world.

This partnership aligns two market leaders in their pursuit of effective and accurate identity verification for both remote and in-person testing, which further expands Pearson VUE’s ability to protect the integrity and value of high-stakes exams.

Pearson VUE has selected IDEMIA’s identity verification technology for its remote online testing offering. Test-takers simply scan their physical driver’s license or government-issued ID during their exam check-in process. Those credentials are then instantly compared against the data in IDEMIA’s identity document library. IDEMIA technology validates the authenticity of the identification used, efficiently authorizing the candidate and helping to prevent identity manipulation.

Additionally, IDEMIA’s in-person verification technology is currently being piloted for use in Pearson VUE’s highly secure Professional Centers. This solution uses a physical device to scan a test-taker’s government-issued identification document and automatically checks multiple security features embedded in the document to ensure it is not counterfeit or altered in any way.

Pearson VUE and IDEMIA are showcasing these new applications of enhanced ID verification, using Pearson VUE’s new online proctoring solution, OnVUE, at the annual Association of Test Publishers conference March 17–20, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Peter Pascale, global vice president of product at Pearson VUE, said: “The power of working with IDEMIA is that they help us expand how we validate candidates’ identities. The ability to quickly evaluate the validity of global government-issued identification documents brings additional security and authorization levels to prevent fraud in high-stakes exams.”

“As the global leader in identity security, IDEMIA is pleased to provide the highest level of identity verification for Pearson VUE’s testing solutions,” said Matt Thompson, Senior Vice President, Civil Identity, IDEMIA Identity & Security N.A. “IDEMIA’s proven physical and digital identity solutions bring a new level of security to computer-based testing. By partnering with a known leader like Pearson VUE, IDEMIA further increases its leadership in identity proofing and authentication.”

IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted environment enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect, travel and vote), in the physical as well as digital space.
Securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live in today. By standing for Augmented Identity, an identity that ensures privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions, we reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect one of our greatest assets – our identity – whether for individuals or for objects, whenever and wherever security matters. We provide Augmented Identity for international clients in the Financial, Telecom, Identity, Public Security and IoT sectors.
With close to $3 billion in revenues and 13,000 employees around the world, IDEMIA serves clients in 180 countries.
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