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Pearson VUE moves certifications for the Japan Society of Human Genetics from paper-based exams to computer-based testing

JAPAN — December 3, 2020

December 3, 2020, Tokyo, Japan - Pearson VUE, the global leader in computer-based testing, announced today that it has signed an agreement to deliver annual exam programs for the Japan Society of Human Genetics (JSHG).

The JSHG was founded in 1956 to contribute to the advancement of science through research into human genetics and to promote medical care in the field of genetics.

The following programs will be delivered through computer-based testing (CBT) at Pearson VUE Test Centers in Japan on December 5th and December 12th 2020:

The JSHG is focused on qualifying key genetics and genomics professionals including a "Clinical Geneticist", who solves genetic problems and provides appropriate genetic medicine, a "Certified Genetic Counselor" who supports patients and families who may have hereditary diseases and offers them appropriate resources, and a "Medical Research Coordinator", who connects genetic sample providers with researchers into human genome and gene analysis. All of these specialists play an invaluable role in genetics within the medical field.

The certifications for ‘’Clinical Geneticist’’ and ‘’Certified Genetic Counselor’’ are co-qualified by the JSHG and The Genetic Counseling Society, an organization which provides counselling support for people worried about hereditary diseases.

Dr. Yoshio Makita, Professor, Asahikawa Medical University, Chairman of the Clinical Geneticist System Committee, commented: "With the disruption of COVID-19 this year, switching to computer-based testing has played an important role in supporting the safety of our candidates, which is our first priority. We required a reliable exam partner with an expansive test center network to minimize the distances that test-takers had to travel from their homes and so as not to disadvantage any candidates.”

Tetsu Ikeda, Vice President, Pearson VUE Japan, said: "We are honored to be delivering three important certification exams for the Japanese Society of Human Genetics, even during the ongoing global pandemic."

About The Japanese Society of Genetics
The Japanese Society of Genetics was founded in 1956 to contribute to the advancement of science through research into human genetics and to promote medical care in the field of genetics.The purpose of the society is to contribute to medical care and welfare through research into diseases and health, and to disseminate knowledge of human genetics to society through education.

About The Genetic Counseling Society
The purpose the society is to contribute to the improvement of medical care and welfare through clinical genetic research and fair genetic counseling practice, while promoting the progress, development and dissemination of clinical genetics in Japan, and responding to the needs of the public. We are developing businesses such as research, research and education on clinical heredity and genetic counseling, construction of a genetic counseling system, and dissemination of correct knowledge to medical personnel and the public.

About Pearson VUE

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