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Pearson VUE and Regula Forensics collaborate to enhance ID verification for remote exams


Pearson VUE, the global leader in high-stakes computer-based testing and Regula Forensics, a leading manufacturer of identity verification software and devices, have today announced a technology collaboration to meet growing demand for remote identity verification.

Online proctoring with leading edge security is essential for exam owners needing to protect the reputation of high-stakes test-based certifications. Providing exam delivery in over 180 countries, Pearson VUE has to be able to verify a test-taker’s identity quickly and seamlessly around the world. OnVUE, its online proctoring solution, enables candidates to take their certifications and licensure exams in hundreds of countries across the globe, around the clock, with a simple check-in process utilizing highly secure ID verification tools.

Regula Document Reader SDK enables remote candidate verification through a highly secure and simple process – by photographing a driver’s license or other accepted government-issued ID through the candidate’s cellphone/mobile. The test-taker’s documents are then compared against Regula’s extensive database (the largest in the ID verification market), which includes more than 10,000 document templates from 248 countries and territories and covers 98 different languages.

With Regula, not only have we enhanced our fraud prevention process, but we continue to offer a consistent candidate experience.

—Farzana Ashraf, CTO & SVP, Products & Services, Pearson VUE

Using advanced optical character-recognition (OCR) and machine learning, Regula’s specialist forensics technology can automatically determine the type of identification document issued and by which country. By US law, certain IDs (also known as "restricted IDs") must not be photocopied, digitized, or captured on camera. Therefore, candidates’ restricted IDs cannot be accepted as identification for online testing. Restricted IDs include: US Military IDs, Canadian Health Cards, US Senate and US House of Representatives IDs and Geneva Convention identification cards. Candidates must present alternative IDs for their OnVUE check-in (or take their exam at a test center).

Regula’s process of ID verification is a powerful tool in detecting a fraudulent ID presented by a proxy candidate. With all of its solutions developed in its in-house laboratory, Regula is able to offer seamless integration with Pearson VUE’s technology system.

Farzana Ashraf, CTO & SVP, Products & Services, Pearson VUE said: "We pride ourselves on operating to the highest standards around test security. One of the challenges we faced was designing an efficient process to validate IDs as authentic and valid - no matter which country in the world they come from. Regula's technology offers global coverage and fast verification of government-issued identification documents. With Regula, not only have we enhanced our fraud prevention process, but we continue to offer a consistent candidate experience."

Arif Mamedov, President, Regula Forensics, commented: "We’re delighted to partner with the industry leader in computer-based testing and provide identification verification for millions of test-takers worldwide. We’re confident that our experience and expertise in the field of forensics technology will play a key role in helping Pearson VUE to further advance its excellent OnVUE solution, which has played such a vital role in helping people to pursue important certifications over the last year."

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Regula is a leader in global identity verification, providing software and hardware products for authenticating ID and security documents. With 29 years’ experience in automated document verification, Regula is endorsed by private and public enterprises, as well as experts worldwide, including the UN, Interpol, OSCE, IATA and ICAO, among others.

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