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The British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS)

The British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS)

British Heart Rhythm Society: Dedicated to improving all aspects of arrhythmia care and electrical device based therapies

Tuesday 10th November 2020 at 8am

British Heart Rhythm Society (formerly known as Heart Rhythm UK) is dedicated to improving all aspects of arrhythmia care and electrical device based therapies along with acting as a unifying focus for those professionals involved.

The examination was first introduced in 1999 as part of the BPEG Certificate of Competency. In 2006 the examination became the Heart Rhythm UK Certificate of Accreditation and structure of the examination was revised, with the introduction of core and specialist sections. It is a requirement that you must be a BHRS member to take the examination.

In 2011, the examination paper was marked electronically for the first time. Since then, the questions and candidates’ responses have been evaluated in detail so that we can continue to improve the quality, relevance and validity of the questions.

In 2013, the number of questions was increased to 120 (60 core and 60 specialty), in part, to bring the examination into line with the EHRA examination. As a consequence, the duration of the examination was increased to 4 hours. Also in 2013, we introduced a third “clinical” specialist section. This section is aimed at nurses with a special interest in CRM and is complimented by a new “logbook equivalent” of case discussions. It was not felt appropriate that nurses with a special interest in CRM complete a logbook, instead there is a requirement to complete a number of case studies.

The exam this year (2020) will consist of 120 questions (no separate core and specialist papers) with the syllabus essentially unchanged (no DVLA questions) with the emphasis on specialist questions (i.e. EGMs). This examination will be 4 hours long with a 7 minute comfort break after 2 hours.

If you are resitting you will only need to resit your chosen area which you will have specified when registering with BHRS.

  • Clinical
  • Devices
  • EP
  • Core (resits only)

Note: You will have 2 hours to complete a resit examination. 4 hours are allowed for the full examination (with a break at 10am).

Exam & Scheduling Information

The BHRS examination will be held on Tuesday 10th November at 8am. The examination will be held via Pearsons Vue centres. This means you can choose a Pearsons Vue training centre local to you to avoid unnecessary travel.

Candidates should arrive at the test centre at 7:30am ideally. 7.45am is the latest you will be able to enter.

Under some circumstances (e.g. those shielding) will also have the option to take the examination virtually. Relevant documentation will be required during BHRS registration.

Candidates must register for the BHRS examination through the BHRS website, paying the appropriate fee, before booking a test centre with Pearson VUE.

Scheduling your test centre

Having registered with BHRS online via the BHRS website, you will later receive an email confirming your application at the beginning of September (or within 2 weeks if registering with BHRS after September). This will explain the next stage in the process, to book a specific test centre with Pearson VUE, which can be done online or over the telephone.

Rescheduling or cancelling your test

Sign in to your Pearson VUE account if you wish to reschedule your test (to a different time or a different test centre). However this must be completed within the test centre booking period as defined by BHRS.

Please note that any subsequent cancellation of your appointment must be effected through BHRS. Contact

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