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CyberArk Certification

CyberArk is here to help you on your journey towards enablement, including achieving technical certifications in Identity Security.

CyberArk technical certifications validate relevant, real-world skills required to successfully deploy, implement, and maintain day-to-day operations IT solutions consisting of CyberArk’s Identity Security portfolio. CyberArk University offers certifications in the areas of Privilege Management, Endpoint Security, Identity Management, and Secrets Management. CyberArk certifications validate your product expertise and open the door for additional professional opportunities.

Take a CyberArk Certification Exam from Your Home or Office

You can choose to take your CyberArk certification exam either at one of the Pearson VUE® Authorized Training Centers OR choose to take the exam at your Home or Office via Pearson VUE OnVUE online proctoring. To register for taking the exam online, please visit:

CyberArk Certification Levels


This certification validates the practical knowledge and technical skills to maintain day-to-day operations and support the on-going performance of the relevant CyberArk Solution. The Defender level includes the following exams:

  • CyberArk Defender Access (ACC-DEF)
  • CyberArk Defender EPM (EPM-DEF)
  • CyberArk Defender PAM (PAM-DEF)


This certification validates the practical knowledge and technical skills to deploy, install, and configure the relevant CyberArk Solution. The Sentry level includes the following exams:

  • CyberArk Sentry PAM (PAM-SEN)
  • CyberArk Sentry CyberArk Privilege Cloud (CPC-SEN)
  • CyberArk Sentry Secrets Manager (SECRET-SEN)


This certification validates the knowledge and advanced technical skills with the various CyberArk solutions including their ability to combine organizational architecture with a privileged account security strategy. The Guardian level includes the following exam:

  • CyberArk Guardian (GUARD)

For more information, please login to your Community Account and visit Guardian.

CyberArk Offers Digital Badges to Certified Professionals

As part of your certification achievement, CyberArk offers certified professionals with a digital badge for their achievement(s). For more information regarding CyberArk’s digital badging program, please visit – CyberArk Digital Badging.

Channel Partner Program Technical Certifications

For a complete list and details regarding CyberArk Partner Program Technical Certifications (Certified Delivery Engineer or CDE), please visit CyberArk Partner Certifications Overview.

CyberArk Certification Program Candidate Agreement

Once candidates are seated for an exam in a Pearson VUE Testing Center, they will be presented with CyberArk’s examination Non-Disclosure Agreement to review and sign. Signing the NDA is required for candidates to proceed with the exam. Candidates who decline, or do not ‘agree’, within the 5 minutes given will be excused from the exam room and all examination fees will be forfeited.

For candidates who wish to review the NDA prior to taking the exam, here is the full text of the NDA in PDF format.

Who Owns Your Certification?

Regardless of who pays for the exam, you, the exam candidate, own the results. Your exam history is linked to your Certified Professional ID number granted the first time you create a Pearson VUE account. You should never create another one. If you change employers, you should contact and we will assist you in moving your records to your new account associated with your new employer.

Exam Retake Policy

If you do not pass an exam on your first attempt, you may retake the exam after 5 days. If you do not pass an exam on your second attempt, you must wait at least 30 days between each additional attempt. You are allowed a maximum of three attempts in a 12-month period.

Identification (ID) Requirements

For the most up to date information regarding Identification (ID) Requirements, please visit Pearson VUE ID Requirements.

CyberArk statement for CDE Re-certification

The CyberArk Certified Delivery Engineer (CDE) certification is a partner-only designation intended to equip consulting partners with the working knowledge to deploy and configure CyberArk’s Identity Security solution.  This benefit is provided under the terms and conditions of the CyberArk partner agreement and is governed by the CyberArk Partner Program guide.  This program and the associated benefits are available to personnel of organizations who have a current CyberArk partner agreement. 

Each CDE certification is active for 24 months.  Partner personnel must take the re-certification exam before expiry to retain certification status.  CyberArk will no longer be able to support individuals who do not work at an active partner organization in completing a CDE re-certification exam or challenge as that person will no longer have an active partner status.  Without an active partner status, the individual is not eligible to receive CyberArk Partner Program benefits.

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