COVID-related testing information:

Testing candidates: Most Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs) are open for exam delivery. We also continue to deliver exams to any third-party test centers (PVTC and PVTC Selects) with the ability to operate, though some may be operating at limited or changed capacity based on their own discretion or in response to government mandates.

Visit our COVID-19 information page (Opens in new window) for the latest information regarding exam requirements, health and safety practices, and any country-specific policies. For information on rescheduling, refunds, and more, please review our FAQs.

Arrival and taking the exam at the test centre

  1. You will be required to check in at the reception desk at the Test Centre where you will present your two (2) forms of valid, original identification. (See the Before you go to the test centre page for specific identification requirements.)
  2. The test centre staff will verify your appointment time, identity, take a photo of you and collect your signature on an electronic signature pad.
  3. You will be given the Candidate Rules that contain the terms conditions for sitting the exam. It is your responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions of sitting a DOH examination.
  4. The Test Centre Administrator will provide you with a locker and key to store all of your personal belongings after check in. You may not bring any personal belongings into testing room.
    • This includes but is not limited to the following:
      • Mobile telephones
      • Blue Tooth headphones
      • PDAs
      • Handbags
      • Books
      • Paper
      • Drinks and food of any kind
      • Medicines
      • Pens, pencils, markers
  5. Once check in is complete you will either be asked to wait in the reception area or you will be escorted into the testing room.
  6. You will be admitted into the test room and assigned a testing station with a computer, mouse and keyboard. The Test Centre Invigilator will log you into the testing station and you will be ready to start the exam.
    • No additional material such as handheld calculators, pen and paper will be provided.
    • The exam will have an onscreen standard function calculator available for use.
  7. A short tutorial on the exam interface will be available onscreen before the exam begins.
  8. Breaks are permitted during the exam however the exam will not be stopped during the break and the exam time will continue count down and cannot be made up.
  9. Once you have completed the exam, you will be escorted out of the testing room and taken to the Reception desk to be checked out of the Test Centre.
    • The test centre administrator will give you a printed Score Report that indicates whether you have passed or failed the exam.
    • Please note that your exam result is one component of your DOH licensure application process. If your application does not fulfil all of the required components of DOH eligibility criteria, you will not be licensed to practice.
    • Your exam results will also be sent automatically to the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH) .
Last updated 2021-07-28