FAQs for IBM Exam Item Type Demo

IBM exams may contain any combination of the following item types:

Multiple Choice: All answer options are provided at one time and the test taker selects the options(s) that answer the question.

Build List: The test taker is asked to arrange the provided options into a sequential list.

Hot Area: The test taker is shown an image and is asked to click on the area(s) of the image that answer the question provided.

The answers for questions using the item types listed above may be reviewed and changed prior to completing the exam.

Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC): Instead of providing all the options to the test taker at one time, options are randomly presented one at a time along with “Yes” and “No” buttons. When you complete an item by responding correctly or incorrectly to an appropriate number of options, the next item is presented.

Demo Exam

A Demo Exam containing a sample question for each item type is available in the following languages:

Last updated 2019-01-14