Intelligence Fundamentals Professional Certification (IFPC)

The Intelligence Fundamentals Professional Certification (IFPC) program was developed by the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD(I)) to professionalize the defense intelligence workforce. The IFPC program has established a common standard of the fundamental knowledge and skills expected of all who currently serve in and support, and those who hope to serve in and support, the DoD Intelligence Enterprise (DIE). The IFPC is based on cross-cutting and enterprise-wide Defense Intelligence Fundamentals standards, which depict the core expectations of what all Defense Intelligence Professionals, regardless of Service/Agency, Function/Specialty and experience level, must know and be able to do to successfully execute and contribute to the execution of intelligence missions, functions, and activities at the fundamental level. The IFPC program will also serve to ensure incoming defense intelligence professionals meet knowledge standards.

Eligibility Requirements

The IFPC is available to individuals who 1) hold U.S. Citizenship, and 2) are military or civilian personnel currently employed by the DoD (waivers can be provided to personnel currently employed by a federal, state, tribal, or local government entity supporting DoD-recognized intelligence missions).

IFPC Registration Process

Individuals interested in taking the assessment must register for the program online at Individuals will be required to complete a series of demographic questions and review the IFPC Terms and Conditions.

Prepare for the IFPC Assessment

The IFPC Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) contains a listing of the knowledge areas a practitioner within the DIE is expected to possess, along with the sources from which the related knowledge areas were obtained. Candidates are encouraged to review the information provided for each of the eight (8) knowledge domains covered in the EBK.

IFPC Assessment Scheduling

You may schedule with Pearson VUE online or by phone. Before scheduling your examination, you must have already:

  • Submitted your examination application for certification through
  • Been notified by Pearson VUE that you are authorized to schedule your examination

When you receive your Authorization to Schedule email, carefully review the information to ensure it is accurate. If any of the information is incorrect, or if the information has changed, please contact the IFPC PMO at 703-692-3768 or

Scheduling online:

  • First-time test takers must create a Pearson VUE web account.
  • When creating your account and scheduling your exam, you will need your IFPC Candidate ID number. Your candidate ID is located at After you log-in, click "Show Details" at the top and find your "unique identifier".
  • Returning test takers, please sign in.

Scheduling an exam by phone:

After you schedule your exam, Pearson VUE will send a confirmation email listing your exam date, exam time, along with the address and directions to the Pearson VUE Testing Center.

The Day of the Assessment

Please be prepared to show two forms of original (no photo copies), valid (unexpired) IDs; one form as a primary ID (government issued with name, recent recognizable photo, and signature. Examples include: Passport or Driver’s License) and one form as a secondary ID (with at least a name and signature, or name and recent recognizable photo).

Last updated 2018-03-01