Life Insurance Practice Test

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Important information about this practice test

The Life Insurance Practice Test (National) helps familiarize you with the test-taking experience. While the content of practice tests is not the same as the content of the actual exam, the questions are representative of the types of questions you will see on the exam and are specific to life insurance.

The exam contains 50 items related to general life insurance topics and 25 items associated with modified state content. General topics include:

  • Types of Policies
  • Policy Riders, Provisions and Options and Exclusions
  • Completing the Application, Underwriting, and Delivering the Policy
  • Taxes, Retirement and Other Insurance Concepts.

The 25 modified state content items provide a sample of the types of items that may appear in the state sections of an actual exam. Modified state topics include:

  • Licensing Requirements
  • Definitions
  • Marketing Practices.
Last updated 2019-02-04