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Official PTCB Practice Exam


If you are experiencing technical difficulties running a practice exam, read the Troubleshooting FAQs.

FAQs: About the Exam

What practice exams does PTCB offer?

How many questions are on the practice exam?

How long do I have to start the practice exam?

Will the practice exam evaluate my performance?

Are there different versions of the practice exam?

If I purchase the practice exam multiple times, will I be provided with different questions with each attempt?

How much does the practice exam cost?

How much time should I expect to spend taking the Official PTCB Practice Exam?

Can I review my answers before submitting the practice exam for my results?

I have answered and reviewed all 90 of the practice exam questions. How do I submit my responses to get my exam results?

What if I time out of the practice exam before I have finished?

How do I view the solutions in the post-exam review?

Where are the solutions located for each question?

How long does the post-exam review period last?

Can I access the solutions at a later time?

Is the practice exam scored?

I will have a special testing accommodation allowing extra time for my certification exam. Can I also have an accommodation for a practice exam?

Purchasing an online exam

Do I need different web accounts for my practice exam and my certification exam?

What are the system requirements?

How do I know which exams are available online and which are proctored and must be taken at a Pearson VUE Test Center?

Do I need to create a profile in advance of taking the exam?

How do I purchase an online exam?

What forms of payment are available?

I purchased an exam but am not ready to take it. Can I cancel?

Taking an online exam

How do I start my online exam?

Can I stop the exam after it is started and come back later to finish it?

I lost my Internet connection or closed my browser. How can I resume the exam?

Other questions

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