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Purpleleap Certification

Purpleleap Certification

PurpleLeap, a Pearson Educomp Company, empowers educational institutions to produce high Quality Talent, and enables industry with the right talent, by offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to both.

We work in partnership with colleges and make necessary investments to enable world-class learning experience inside the college.

We empower partner colleges with Industry Engagement Platform, Global Technology Partnerships, World-Class Learning Programs and high quality Placements.

We provide state-of-the-art learning infrastructure such as VSAT enabled multimedia classrooms, Learning and Knowledge Management Systems, Assessment Platform and Student Learning Portal that take learning beyond the four walls of classroom. Through this platform, we impart world-class learning programs that lead to Comprehensive Professional Development of students.

We work very closely with the industry to understand the changing requirements and provide a platform that helps academic institutions meet the industry needs.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, with the vision of being the largest company in the domain of Professional Education in India, PurpleLeap has engagement with over 150 academic institutions and over 300 corporates.

Last updated 2018-03-02