Application for approval as In Facility Test Site "INF" for nurse aide testing

Please complete the following information about your site and return it to us at least sixty (60) days prior to your first desired test date.

Please Note: Test events must have a minimum of 5 candidates (written and skills required). Based on your specific state requirements (lead time varies by state), your event will be cancelled if a minimum of 5 candidates are not registered at that deadline.

Please complete all of the fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Section 1 - Site contact information

Section 2 - Site information

  • Fax Machine for scoring- Must be a stand alone fax machine. Please include distance from testing area if not located in testing area
  • (Mannequin must be able to accept catheter)
  • (Beds must be 6 feet apart, have a privacy curtain, screen or door, must go up/down, wheels lock, and have working side rails.​)​
  • (​Candidates must sit 3 feet apart, ​forward ​facing and there must be a table/desk at the front​ of the room​ for the evaluator.​)​