Using the whiteboard during your OnVUE exam

A practice online whiteboard is available at the bottom of the page.

Get familiar with the whiteboard before your exam

Access the whiteboard by clicking the whiteboard icon at the top of the screen during your exam.

You can use the whiteboard for scratch work, using tools such as text, shapes, colors, and zoom, as well as multiple formatting features. You will have a practically endless canvas to work on, so there’s no need to erase your work as you move through your exam.

With the online whiteboard, you can:

  • Draw different shapes and lines as needed
  • Pan across the whiteboard, zooming in and out to use different areas to do your work on the same whiteboard screen
  • Erase or clear to start something new, but don’t worry: your work will be accessible in every section during your entire exam
  • Resize or move the whiteboard around your screen

Opening and closing the whiteboard

During an OnVUE testing session, you can open and close the whiteboard as many times as you wish.

Any work that you enter will remain available, even if the whiteboard is closed. When it’s reopened, you can start where you left off.

Whiteboard content loss

If connectivity is lost during the exam, the whiteboard will be wiped clean.

Please note:  The whiteboard feature can only be used with your computer’s mouse or trackpad. If you have a touchscreen laptop, you cannot use a stylus, your finger, or other writing apparatus to write on the whiteboard. The whiteboard also cannot be used with a connected writing tablet or pad or dual monitors.

Practice using the online whiteboard