Benefits to candidates 

Credential Manager™ promotes candidate self-sufficiency and can dramatically reduce your customer service expenses.

Improve customer self-sufficiency

Credential Manager data analysis for a particular program found that candidates who failed an exam and did not retake it within 90 days, had a 90% probability of not making another attempt. For the next promotion, new business rules were developed and within days of testing, failed candidates received messages of encouragement along with study guides or retake offers.

Credential Manager enables your candidates to:

  • Access and manage their own credential information
  • View and update personal information
  • Complete application forms and make payments
  • Report continuing education achievements
  • Track credential progress
  • Set email notifications
  • Contact customer service via email or the web

You can control what information candidates may view, resulting in improved candidate satisfaction and reduced customer service costs.

Publish Credential™, part of Credential Manager’s verification services, allows credential holders to easily publish their current credential status, which employers can retrieve via a secure link. Candidates distinguish themselves in the marketplace while promoting their earning of your credential to employers or other entities.

Translated user interface

  • multiple language support
  • candidates’ browser settings define which language is displayed

Event-based candidate communications

This client-driven customer service system allows you to create targeted messages that are automatically delivered to candidates and credential holders. Based on your business rules, certain events will trigger the appropriate communication. For example:


Event Automated message generated
Candidate passes your exam Congratulatory note and information about the next, higher-level credential
Candidate fails exam Message of encouragement and guide to study materials or discounted retake voucher
Certification set to expire Notice that certification will expire in defined time and link to recertification procedures
Certificant completed recertification requirements Granted recertification automatically

The system can also be used to answer candidate questions, track communication histories and make private comments in candidate records. 

Questions? Demo?

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