Credential verification services

Credential Verification™ services provide a secure, cost-effective way for employers to electronically verify a candidate’s credential status in order to make well-informed and confident decisions about hiring, advancing and compensating employees.

By closing the loop between your program, candidates and employers, this centralized standardized authentication system protects your investment and the integrity of your credential.

Credential Manager Verification services
  • Provide critical security and privacy protection
  • Reduce credential fraud
  • Increase control for credential sponsors, candidates, employers or other credential-checking organizations
  • Strictly adhere to all applicable privacy standards
  • Allow immediate online verification that reduces cost, burden and errors

Credential Check

Credential Manager can streamline and standardize the authentication process. Employers use the same background checking system they’re already using to instantly verify an applicant’s credentials.

Credential Manager Credential Check™

  • Establishes a common standard for verification
  • Protects your credential from fraud
  • Enhances your credential’s value as the employers searching for accredited employees validate the significance of your program

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