Benefits to test owners

Serve your candidates and increase revenue

Credential Manager™ combines streamlined, self-service functionality with robust data management and analysis for unprecedented efficiency, accuracy and savings – all with the support of our team’s industry-leading expertise.

Proven return on investment (ROI)

Decreases operational costs 
Credential Manager decreases your program support costs by allowing your staff to focus on core business activities instead of resolving customer issues. Additionally, the solution does not require credential owners to have in-house IT staff. As credentialing programs expand, Credential Manager scales to meet the program growth without requiring additional staff.

Increases revenues 
Credential Manager encourages candidate self-service and improves overall satisfaction, resulting in increased uptake of new credentials, more repeat business and more referrals. Sophisticated reporting and improved candidate communication helps credential sponsors offer targeted products, services and credential-related opportunities.

Improves credential value 
Credential Manager improves the value of credentialing programs by ensuring data accuracy, reducing fraud, automating ongoing candidate communication and providing credential sponsors with accurate and timely insight into the candidates’ credential status.

Attractive pricing with a predictable expense model

  • annual subscription includes all upgrades, defined technical support and data management services
  • reasonable setup costs and moderate, predictable yearly subscription charges

System and credential management expertise

Working with leading programs and managing millions of candidate records through Credential Manager successfully navigates the business and technical complexities of credential management. Our leadership and support teams bring decades of industry experience and success to each client we serve.

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Implementation team
  • Technical Account Management team
  • IT support
  • Online help tools
  • Support Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Return on investment is achieved through three key benefits:

  1. Revenue growth – guide candidates to take the next steps to complete their program; reinforce the message through event-based emails; reach out to inactive candidates.
  2. Improved credential value – candidates are in control of publishing their certification status; reports are dynamically verified, reducing fraud and protecting the credential owners brand.
  3. Cost effective, satisfied users – candidates update their information, check status, complete forms and make payments online any time using the candidate portal.

Questions? Demo?

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