ExamDeveloper collaboration platform

Completing your exam development cycle on one platform

Our testing services team uses ExamDeveloper™ to collaborate with subject matter experts on content writing, and then to manage content throughout the exam development cycle. It can also be used as a stand-alone tool if you already have in-house content writing experts.

ExamDeveloper integrates much of the functionality for test development all within a suite of highly-secure web-based tools. The system allows remote collaboration, reducing the development costs of your examination. It is also configurable, to maximize cost savings while increasing productivity and exam integrity.

Developed by exam experts

ExamDeveloper was developed by a team of organizational psychologists, psychometricians and other testing experts who specialize in high-stakes assessments. This state-of-the-art collaboration tool can be used to facilitate and manage any of the following test development tasks:

Job analysis

If your test requires a job analysis, our team can use ExamDeveloper to:

  • Transform a job analysis outline of any size or complexity into a test blueprint
  • Validate items to the job analysis outline with rating scales such as importance, criticality and frequency

Item development

  • Create, review and validate questions based on relevance to the job
  • Improve the quality of items with best practice recommendations included in Exam Advisor™
  • Create a variety of item types including multiple choice, true/false, hot-spot, drag and drop, case-based sets and extended matching

Item banking

  • Import and export questions to many printable and database-ready formats
  • Quickly locate questions in very large item banks with more than 35 search criteria
  • Batch edit to simultaneously make changes to multiple items

Standard setting and validation

  • Conduct an online standard-setting meeting with subject matter experts to determine a legally defensible passing point
  • Document the validity of every item using validation ratings and reference lists
  • Establish the validity of the exam for employment decisions with the Validation Report

Your exam security is critical

Building and maintaining a test is a substantial investment for your organization and protecting it is important to your success. Security is a vital component of ExamDeveloper. The software is audited by a third-party Internet security consultant and guards against known Internet security vulnerabilities. At an organizational level, you can manage user privileges to ensure individuals working with exam content have access only to the information they really need.

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