Designing your exam

Being successful relies on the right expertise, efficient tools and a proven process.

With more than 200 years combined experience and serving over 100 of our clients with the leading test development tools and talent in the industry, Pearson VUE’s testing services team is well placed to guide you through the development of your exam.

Test design: Understand your options
Kathi Gialluca, Senior Research Scientist

Determining what to test

The first critical step in developing your exam is deciding what knowledge, skills and abilities should be assessed. Your test blueprint communicates to everyone what will be tested. Pearson VUE’s testing services team is skilled at developing test blueprints using a variety of methods. Whatever you wish to assess, we can work with you to determine how best to develop your test blueprint.

If your assessment is based on measuring competency for a profession, a job analysis defines the knowledge and skills set needed to practice the profession.

Selecting an administration model

How can you protect your content by limiting item exposure and still provide a fair and equal candidate experience? Computer-based testing provides a number of possibilities for how test items are selected for administration to test takers.

Our testing experts will help guide you to make the best decision about the right test administration model for your exam.

Finding the right item formats

What item types will best assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to measure? Our experts can work with you to decide which formats will best meet your test objectives.

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