Candidate services

Millions of test takers come to Pearson VUE every year to register, schedule an appointment and test. Whether via chat, telephone or online — providing a great experience for candidates is as important to us as it is to you.

Web services 

The majority of candidates who test with Pearson VUE schedule their appointments on our intuitive and informative Test Taker site. Registration provides the following:

Online Chat (Talking bubble graphic)
  • Candidates may schedule an appointment on computer or mobile device
  • Scheduling system shows multiple test centers to offer a wide range of appointments choices
  • Geocoding allows test takers to locate the closest test center
  • System-managed eligibility and retake rules; only authorized candidates may test
  • Confirmation email sent immediately after booking

Client landing pages

As a Pearson VUE client, your content appears on our Test Taker site where candidates can access information about your program through a customized client landing page. Although tailored to your program, a typical client landing page includes:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • An overview of your exam(s)
  • Scheduling information
  • How candidates can access special accommodations
  • Test preparation materials
  • Frequently asked questions

The client landing page also contains links that take your candidates directly to schedule an appointment to take your exam.  

Reaching a contact center

As an extension of your program, our contact center professionals are trained and skilled in answering candidate questions about your program: 

  • Eligibility or prerequisites to test
  • Exam and retake policies
  • Required credentials (IDs)
  • Registering and scheduling appointments
  • What candidates should expect on test day

Located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Pearson VUE contact centers are available in English during each region’s business hours throughout the year.  Local languages are also supported in particular countries.

Let candidates manage their own credentialing success

Credential Manager™ enables candidates to access and manage their own credential information through an intuitive, secure portal. Candidates can easily view and update personal information, track credential progress, set email notifications and communicate with customer service. You control what information candidates may view. The result is improved candidate satisfaction and reduced customer service costs.

Ask a question

We welcome your questions. Use our online form to contact a business development representative in your region of the world.