Program management

Like a piece of great music, every testing program deserves the very best conductor. 

Your designated program manager is the primary point of contact with Pearson VUE and key to our successful relationship. Equipped with deep knowledge of your program, excellent problem-solving abilities and proficient communication skills, your program manager follows established international best practices and processes to keep your assessment on track.

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Julie Hunter, Director of Program Management EMEA

Transition and launch

Your program manager plays an essential role in launching your program with Pearson VUE. Whether you are transitioning from paper and pencil administration or from another computer-based testing delivery partner, you can rely on our team to guide you through every detail of this critical phase.

Your guide to Pearson VUE

In addition to developing and updating program documentation and efficiently handling candidate escalations, your program manager serves as the conduit to all Pearson VUE departments and services, including:

  • Content development
  • Operations
  • Candidate services
  • Test delivery network
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Technology

Proven customer satisfaction

Because Pearson VUE’s success is based on fulfilling the requirements laid out in the contract, our program managers focus on what’s important to you.  In addition to facilitating recurring operations discussions, our program teams conduct formal business reviews to report on key performance indicators, delivery statistics and other information affecting your program.

Credential management services

Pearson Credential Manager™ helps you expertly manage every aspect of your testing program with tools that organize, inform, motivate and much more. Learn more.

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