Managing a testing program can be difficult. With so many decision points and variables, you need reliable information to ensure the decisions you make are best for your program. Getting relevant data quickly can make the difference between allowing you to take advantage of a program opportunity or recognizing an issue early enough to resolve it. Pearson VUE reporting capabilities can put that valuable data into your hands when it can be of most use.


Pearson VUE’s IntelliVUE business intelligence technology allows you to quickly understand potential issues affecting your program and identify trends that enable you to make informed business and security decisions.

Could a spike in pass rates indicate a security issue?
How many exams are scheduled in China next month? 
Are there particular test questions of concern?

IntelliVUE standard reports help you identify trends, challenges and opportunities. From overview information like registrations and completed exams to more focused reports that include candidate information and individual test center activity ... IntelliVUE provides the data you need to make better program decisions.

IntelliVUE reports include:

  • Candidate search report
  • Authorized test centers
  • Authorization status
  • Exam performance summary
  • Pass rate by form
  • Exam activity report
  • Individual candidate record
  • Candidate roster
  • Discount utilization report

Custom reports

Need something not found in our standard report offering? Contact us to learn how we can create the custom reports you need.

Real-time event notification (RTEN)

RTEN helps you enhance your relationship with candidates. This subscription-based, web service technology harnesses the power of real-time data and turns it into knowledge you can act upon. You are given control over what events you are notified about and you determine your automated response.

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