Testing in the military

Pearson VUE is proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Defense to provide Service members, their spouses and dependents, convenient access to professional credentials — an important part of the military life-cycle that includes career development planning, advancement and transition preparation. Each year 250,000 of the estimated six million people in the military community transition out of the Service and into civilian careers.

Our military test center network includes more than 450 government and on-base Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Centers worldwide. On-base testing is a proven pathway to help Service members and their families gain professional credentials — certifications that validate experience, confirm expertise and offer real career competitive advantage.

We partner closely with the US military community to provide invaluable experience and career development services to troops around the globe.

Expanding test owner reach

Testing in the military gives test owners access to a large, dedicated and important candidate market.

These world-renowned programs offer credentials in health care, academia, finance, IT and other specialized fields. Professional exams are used to certify paramedics and cyber-security analysts, supply chain professionals and medical technologists. They provide an opportunity to translate military training and experience into professional qualifications.

More than just an exam

Pearson VUE goes beyond delivering exams to military personnel. We also provide access to other resources and government programs that:

Pearson VUE solutions

Visit Pearson VUE’s Service member pages to view all of the credentialing exams we offer at military and government installations and to learn more about our Service member support resources. To learn more about how we serve our clients that test in the military, please contact us.