ExamDeveloper User Group

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April 18, 2016
9 a.m. - noon CDT
ExamDeveloper User Training

Current ExamDeveloper users and test development professionals wanting to learn more about advanced functionality within ExamDeveloper.

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The ​ExamDeveloper collaboration platform is the solution to expensive and time-consuming test development. Designed to increase exam development efficiency and effectiveness, ExamDeveloper is configurable so your organization can use all or individual components.

This two-hour session features an expert panel who will introduce you to some of the core features and functionality of ExamDeveloper, discuss a recent User Experience review of the platform and give an insight into the the development roadmap.


  • Brief Introduction
  • Feature guide:
    • Autobuild
    • LOFT
    • Standard setting
  • User Experience
    • Overview of the current work
    • Why and what’s next
  • Product Roadmap
    • Now
    • Next
    • Future



This advanced training will be presented by a panel of ExamDeveloper subject matter experts. There will be opportunities for attendee questions and input.