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Reach more candidates

By offering your exams through OnVUE online proctoring, you’ll maintain a consistent, streamlined testing experience and reach more candidates — even those in rural geographies — by offering the convenience of at-home testing.

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Seamless data integration

Only Pearson VUE integrates data to maintain one single candidate record regardless of test location, delivery mode, or exam. Whether candidates test online from home or in a test center, your  data is in one place, making ongoing data management easier than ever.

Robust test driver

You’ve put the work in to develop a fair, valid, and reliable exam with diverse item types, videos, and labs. With OnVUE, your tests can preserve their strength with our best-in-class test drivers.

Strategic program support

Business continuity is especially important in uncertain times. Delivering online exams through OnVUE means that you have the same consistent partnership for all the delivery modes you choose to leverage.

Consistent candidate experience

When you add OnVUE online proctored delivery to your portfolio, candidates register the same way no matter how they test. All of their testing options are in one place within the registration and scheduling website.

Security and protection: The Pearson VUE difference

While online proctoring naturally presents a less controlled testing environment compared to a test center, we have options to help you manage risk while experiencing the benefits of online proctoring. OnVUE brings you patented technology and key security advantages over other online proctoring options:

Best-in-class security program

Our dedicated security team is the largest and most experienced in the industry, composed of certified fraud experts and cybersecurity professionals that mitigate fraud and protect the integrity of your exam content, delivery, and data.

With 21 global quality, financial, and security accreditations, Pearson VUE leads the industry in exam security regulatory reporting. Other vendors lack robust security audits and attestations to do business in high-stakes, regulated industries.

Advanced data privacy and protection

OnVUE provides an online proctoring solution that allows your program to comply with data privacy laws around the globe. We developed using data privacy by design to require the highest privacy protection on an international platform.

Our legal team — with over 40 years of international experience — works closely with you to monitor data privacy trends and risks to help your program stay in compliance.


Complete exam protection

Feel confident with your decision to offer online proctoring. OnVUE leverages advanced identity authentication technology from market leaders in ID verification solutions. With sophisticated artificial intelligence to augmented live human proctoring, OnVUE represents the next generation of security in online proctoring to protect the integrity of your exam.

Effective web monitoring and forensics

Our robust web monitoring tools lead the competition, scouring the Deep Web for any indications of test infringement and other illicit activities, adding an extra layer of protection to online exam delivery.

Benefit from the peace of mind that stems from dynamic dashboards with data visualization and collaboration with a designated security analyst.


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A few simple requirements are all it takes for your candidates to take an OnVUE online proctored exam:

  • Quiet, private location
  • Reliable device with a webcam
  • Strong internet connection

Our clients say it best

Q. Why is the OnVUE online proctoring platform a good solution for the Juniper certification program?

A. One of our goals is to make certification testing more convenient for potential Juniper candidates across the globe. The recent advances in the OnVUE online proctoring platform help us achieve that goal without sacrificing exam security. Candidates want the option to test from their homes or offices at a time most convenient for them and we make that happen with OnVUE online proctoring.

Juniper Networks

Online proctoring has been very well received and we've seen a quarter-over-quarter increase in exam registrations.

Ganesh Ranganathan

Juniper Networks

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