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ABWM Foundation Practice Exams

The practice exam consist of test questions that have previously appeared on the CWCA®, CWS®, and CWSP® National Board Certification Examination. Use this Practice Examination to help gauge your familiarity with each of the four content areas of the examination, experience taking a computerized exam, review example content, and learn more about the question format, style, and level of difficulty.

ABWM CWCA Practice Examination

CWCA® Practice Examination

60 questions
Price: $55.00

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ABWM CWS Practice Examination

CWS® Practice Examination

85 questions
Price: $85.00

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ABWM CWSP Practice Examination

CWSP® Practice Examination

85 questions
Price: $105.00

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Disclaimer for Online Practice Exams

Please note that there is only one practice exam for CWCA, CWS, and CWSP that contains the same questions.

The ABWM Foundation is offering this Online Practice Exam to be used for the purpose of self-assessment by those preparing to take the ABWM Board Certification Examinations, or otherwise wanting to refresh their medical knowledge and skills.

The Online Practice Exam is provided for educational purposes only, to assist you in identifying areas of relative strength and weakness in the content areas that are assessed by the ABWM Board Certification Examinations. While it is constructed to be similar to those exams, the Online Practice Exam is not intended to, and should not be used to predict your performance on the ABWM Board Certification Examinations.

It is not necessary for you to take the Online Practice Exam prior to taking the ABWM Board Certification Examinations. There are other review courses, and other methods of preparation available, and you should make an independent determination of which method would be most helpful.

The Online Practice Exam is not necessarily indicative of the difficulty or content of the ABWM Board Certification Examinations. Results on the Online Practice Exam are not a predictor of performance on a different examination.

The instant score report after practice test submission shows test performance in each of the content areas. The score report does not provide correct answers or indicate which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly. Once the practice test is scored, you cannot return to the test to review the questions.

By proceeding with the purchase of this practice test, you agree that you understand the purpose and limitations of the test, as described above.

Last updated 2022-06-15