E-testing with Pearson VUE

E-testing - Africa

E-testing is not simply transferring a paper-based exam onto a computer screen. For us it means much more: developing a complete end-to-end assessment service to develop, manage, deliver and grow the assessment programme.

This increases efficiencies and reduces overheads for assessment owners, realising the potential of your candidates while offering them an equal chance of success.

Your subject matter experts (SMEs) have all the knowledge, but they may still require significant assistance in transferring that knowledge into a fair, valid and reliable e-test. This is where our expert psychometricians can optionally help construct exam questions and structure exam papers based on the knowledge of your experts.

It is time for a new way to deliver exams. The traditional 2,000-year-old method of pen-and- paper testing involves large groups of candidates sitting their exam in a large exam hall, typically on one specific day. But e-testing – also known as computer-based testing – allows candidates to schedule exams on-demand, attending a local assessment centre of their choice. This makes it far more convenient for the candidate – especially working professionals who cannot take the time off work to travel long distances to take their exam.

Happy candidates means increasing test-taker volumes and a growing exam programme.

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