Applied Investment & Finance Analyst (AIFA) Certification Exam

The Applied Investment & Finance Analyst (AIFA) certification exams enhance the analytical and practical skills of financial practitioners and students. One of the exams Valuation Modeling, launched in 2010, has been taken by over 10,000 candidates all over the world. The exam consists of two parts: Valuation Fundamentals, and Modeling.

Pearson VUE provides English and Chinese language exam services globally for Valuation Fundamentals.

The fee for Valuation Fundamentals exam in China is US$70 per person (US$80 per person effective January 1, 2024). Outside China, the fee for Valuation Fundamentals exam at Pearson VUE's global testing centers is US$200 per person. The whole exam process will take 115 minutes, including check-in, ID verification, reading the exam rules and answering the questions (90 minutes). The exam scores will be displayed on the screen immediately upon submission. Candidate will get a printed score report after the exam.

Exam scope, sample questions, prep material sources and calculator requirement are posted in

Nondisclosure Agreement

You will be required to agree to the Nondisclosure Agreement that is presented at the beginning of your exam. Failure to read and accept the agreement within the allotted 5 minutes will terminate the exam and result in the forfeiture of exam fees. Please take a moment to review the agreement below so that you are familiar with it when you sit for your exam.

Last updated 2023-02-21