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Axis is the market leader in network video. We invented the world’s first network camera back in 1996 and we’ve been innovators in video surveillance ever since, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world.

Axis Certification Program

You can showcase your expertise in network video by getting certified as an Axis Certified Professional. Since the launch in 2011, Axis Certification Program has set the standard for individual certification in network video.

Register for Axis Certification Program — then pass our advanced-level test to become an Axis Certified Professional. Once certified, you’ll have our global stamp of endorsement that strengthens both your career and your company’s reputation. Being certified doesn’t only demonstrate and verify your individual competence, skills, and expertise; it also speaks volumes of your company’s ability to deliver effective, IP-based video surveillance solutions.

Get certified from your home or office

Take your Axis Certification Program exam conveniently from home through OnVUE online proctoring. A live proctor will monitor you through the webcam on your workstation to provide a secure exam experience.

Watch the short video on the Axis Certification Program online proctoring page to see how convenient it is to test from home or work. Be sure to run the system test before you sign in to register for an online proctored exam. Good luck!

Rescheduling and cancellation

You can cancel or reschedule your test appointment through the Pearson VUE website until 48 hours before your appointment at the test center, or up until 5 min before check-in time if you have signed up for online proctoring. If you don’t cancel or if you arrive late, you’ll have to forfeit the test fee. This includes all types of payment such as credit card, voucher, and cash.

Axis Network Video Exam

Welcome to the online registration for Axis Network Video Exam.

Axis Certification Program helps demonstrate advanced levels of competence and skills in network video. To become certified, you need to be well versed in the latest technologies, solutions, products, and best practices.

The benefits for individuals and employers include:

  • Increasing your skill set: high levels of competence and skill are required to attain certification, so individuals must master the field of network video
  • Demonstrating your expertise: our global certification standard makes it easy for customers and employers to identify your expertise
  • Promoting individuals and the companies they work for: as an Axis Certified Professional you will:
    • Get an Axis Certified Professional certificate to prove your status
    • Get an Axis Certified Professional logotype to include on your business card
    • Become searchable on our “Verify a certification” page, so employers, customers, and partners easily can verify your certification status

Find more information and preparation materials.

How to become an Axis Certified Professional

To become certified, you need to pass Axis Network Video Exam, which covers the latest network video surveillance technologies, solutions, products, and best practices. You need to prepare well, but don’t worry! At Axis, we're ready to help.

  1. Prepare for the exam:
    Attend recommended eLearnings and Instructor-led trainings
    Review Axis Exam Preparation Guide »
    Review Axis Candidate Certification Agreement »
  2. Register for the exam
  3. Take and pass the exam
  4. Receive your certificate and Axis Certified Professional logotype

View more information and preparation materials

Examination Feature

During the exam you will be able to use an onscreen calculator. To use the calculator during the exam click on the calculator button.

Last updated 2022-05-24