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Blockchain Training Alliance Certification Testing

Blockchain Training Alliance Certification Testing

Please Note:

Pearson VUE is no longer delivering exams for Blockchain.

Blockchain Training Alliance Certifications are designed to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills on blockchain technology, architecture, security and development. Earning these certifications requires completing specified competency requirements in the form of passing proctored exams. Proctored exams are offered globally through Pearson VUE testing centers.

Blockchain Certification Exams:

Certification Exam  
Certified Blockchain Business Foundations CBBF: Certified Blockchain Business Foundations This examination will test proficiency in understanding blockchain basics and why an organization should or should not use blockchain.
Certified Blockchain Solution Architect CBSA: Certified Blockchain Solution Architect This examination will test proficiency in designing blockchain solutions - including selecting the appropriate technology and defining system architecture.
Certified Blockchain Security Professional CBSP: Certified Blockchain Security Professional This examination will test proficiency in identifying security threats and attacks on a blockchain network, blockchain security methods, best practices, and risk mitigation.
Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum CBDE: Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum This examination will test proficiency in understanding smart contracts and writing distributed applications (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain using solidity.
Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger Fabric CBDH: Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger Fabric This examination will test proficiency in creating enterprise blockchain applications using Hyperledger Fabric and Composer.

Exam Study Guides

Blockchain Certification Exams Will be Placed on A Blockchain

Certifications will be stored on the blockchain using an ERC-721 compliant token.

Exam Policies and Procedures:

The following conditions and description applied for all Blockchain exams:

  • All Blockchain exams are closed book.
  • Exams are available in English only.
  • Each exam consists of 70 multiple-choice questions.
  • Exam duration is 90 minutes.
  • The passing grade is 70%.
  • During each exam you can review your previous answers before ending the exam.
  • The examinee will receive a score report with his/her result immediately after he/she finishes and submits the exam.
  • You are not obliged to take the course before you take the exam.
  • Our exams questions cover the theoretical and practical aspects of blockchain. Some questions might include code snippets to test your technical and programming skills.

Exam Retake Policy

  • A student who does not pass an exam must wait at least 48 hours to retake the exam.
  • A student must wait 14 days for each subsequent attempt.
  • A student who has passed a certain exam may not take the same exam (defined as an exam of the same version with the same exam number) again within 12 months of when the exam was passed. A student who wishes to take the exam again in order to re-certify may do so after the 12-month period.

ID Requirements

To maintain the highest level of security and authentication, all Blockchain Training Alliance score reports provided at Pearson VUE testing centers will include a photo of the candidate. Test Center Administrators are required to take a photograph of each candidate prior to testing. Candidates who do not wish to have their picture taken will need to contact 14 business days in advance of the exam.

Carefully review the ID requirements prior to your exam appointment.

How To Register For An Exam

Exam appointments may be made in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability. The exam/appointment testing time limit noted on Pearson VUE web pages reflects the total appointment time, including an NDA, exam time, and survey.

Sign in or Create an Account with Pearson VUE. Please use your Legal name as displayed on your government issued IDs. Your first name, last name, the use or not of a middle initial, and your email address must match exactly in these two profiles. Please also use your business email address as your primary address. Login to your account, select an exam, select a location, and then register for a seat.

Last updated 2021-05-03