Broadcom Software Certification Program

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Program information

Learn more about the Broadcom Software Certified Specialist certification exams offered by Pearson VUE by visiting the Broadcom Software certification website.

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Exam Security: Broadcom Software and Pearson VUE continue their ongoing commitment to ensure the integrity of the Broadcom Software certification program. Remember to read the Broadcom Software Testing Policies and candidate Confidentiality Agreement before your exam appointment. You will be required to accept the Confidentiality Agreement before beginning your exam.

IMPORTANT: Your name must exactly match the identification that is presented at the test center or you will be unable to take an exam and forfeit your exam fee. Candidate name and company name changes can only be made by submitting a Clarus Incident or emailing; and, demographic changes take 24-48 hours.

Partners: Exam fees are listed as retail; the discount will automatically apply at checkout on the “My Order” page after you select the date and time for an exam.

Steps to a Successful Testing Experience

  1. Prepare. Broadcom Software provides certification exam preparation material including recommended training, sample exams and study guides. Please visit the Broadcom Software certification website for more information.
  2. Select the appropriate exam for your learning path and register. The only way to register for a Broadcom Software exam is through Clarus. You will be unable to register via Pearson VUE’s website. Requirements for registration:
  3. Read the Broadcom Software Testing Policies about Exam Security and the Broadcom Software Corporation Confidentiality Agreement before your exam appointment. You will be required to accept the agreement before beginning your exam.
Last updated 2023-05-02