Send IT skills gaps packing.

Discover your complete IT training and exam prep solution.

A skilled IT workforce is more critical than ever, but a shortage of qualified staff has left everyone from global enterprises to mom-and-pop shops scrambling to fill tech positions. Now there’s a way for employers to fill that skills gap — and for training centers to grow their revenue potential.

Introducing CertPREP. Designed both for businesses looking to upskill their IT teams and the trainers that teach them, this comprehensive suite of IT training resources features instructor-led courseware, self-paced videos, virtual labs, practice tests and more.

It’s your complete IT training and exam prep solution. And it’s conveniently available on MindhubPro.com.

CertPREP products

CertPREP courseware

The IT trainer's all-in-one solution

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CertPREP training labs

A virtual practice environment for learners

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Everything they need to learn, practice and certify.

A full-service resource for all your IT training needs, plus the simplicity of single sign-on, lets you effortlessly provide a superior learning experience.

Instructor content

Quizzes and case studies

Virtual labs

Practice tests

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Hands-on practice for learners. Peace of mind for you.

Simulated, real-world environments let learners practice without jeopardizing your systems or network.

Practical experience

Enhance courses with virtual learning experiences that set students up for success.

Tailored learning

Let students learn at the right pace with guided, advanced and expert knowledge levels.

Measured progress

Assess knowledge and skills development across multiple platforms and cloud technologies.

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