Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP)

Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP)

Ericsson Academy sponsors the Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP), an ICT industry standard certification program that gives measurable recognition within diverse areas of technical competence.

ETCP includes entry-level product agnostic technology exams as well as certification tracks with three defined levels of technical competence: Associate, Professional, and Expert.


Updated Exams Announcement
The following exams have new versions available for testing:

  • Ericsson Certified Associate – Radio Network Design (ECP-373)
  • Ericsson Certified Associate – Radio Network Design (ECP-383)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – LTE RAN Solution (ECP-653)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – Radio Network Design (ECP-742)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – Radio Network Implementation (ECP-752)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – Ericsson Expert Analytics Solution Design (ECP-771)
  • Ericsson Certified Professional – Ericsson Expert Analytics Solution Implementation (ECP-781)

New Exam Announcement
The following new exams are now available for testing:

  • Ericsson Certified Associate – Security (ECP-391)
  • Ericsson Certified Associate – 5G RAN (ECP-401)

Introducing Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC)
ETCP has introduced a new exam item type for select exams starting in November 2016. Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) is a recent innovation in computer-based testing that offers many advantages in the areas of test security and measurement over classic multiple choice items.

More information can be found in our DOMC FAQ (pdf, only accessible by Ericsson employees). Please take the opportunity to review our sample DOMC test questions. Current exams being delivered using the DOMC format are ECP 106 and ECP 205.

Target Audience for ETCP

At present ETCP is designed primarily to meet the needs of Ericsson employees, although in some cases certain exams and exam tracks are made available to external candidates. Ericsson is currently evaluating the development of a comprehensive certification program for customers, partners, and university students.

The primary target audience for ETCP is technical engineers and solution architects who directly or indirectly support one or more of the following: Technical Sales, Design, Configuration, Integration, Operation and Support, or related activities. Others in a technical function who are required to have a solid understanding of the Ericsson portfolio and underlying technologies may also benefit from earning ETCP certification.

Exam Delivery Methods

Ericsson currently supports exam delivery through three mechanisms:

  1. The preferred way of taking exams for Ericsson employees is through internal Ericsson Certification Days (ECDs). Learn more about the Ericsson Certification Days (ECDs) process.
  2. All exam candidates may take their exams through Pearson VUE’s worldwide network of testing centers.
  3. Online Proctoring (OP) gives you the opportunity to take an exam almost wherever and whenever, while being watched by a remote invigilator through your webcam. Read more about OP to learn about the process and decide if OP is right for you. Note that writing utensils and paper are not allowed during OP exams, but you will have the option to use the inbuilt Online Proctored Whiteboard feature while taking the exam online. Read more about the whiteboard feature.

    Note: There are some restrictions to which countries OP is allowed. OP is allowed in all geographies, except the following countries: Slovenia, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and embargoed countries (North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, and Iran).

    If you are uncomfortable with any of the OP requirements, we recommend you schedule an in-person exam at either an ECD or a Pearson VUE Test Center.

Exam Security and Candidate Agreement

Ericsson takes the security of its certification exams seriously and requires all candidates to accept the terms of a Candidate Agreement and a Summary Candidate Agreement (link is available only within the Ericsson internal network) before beginning their exam. By accepting these agreements, candidates agree to the terms and conditions of ETCP, by maintaining the confidentiality of the content of all exams.

For more information about the program and certification offerings, internal exam candidates can visit the ETCP website (Ericsson employees only at this time).

Last updated 2019-03-29