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Esri Technical Certification

Esri Technical Certification

The Esri Technical Certification Program endeavors to develop a community of qualified individuals proficient in the best practices of the ArcGIS Platform. Certification validates your skills and allows you to showcase your knowledge and experience with Esri software.

As geospatial technology becomes an integral component of enterprise systems throughout government and the private sector, organizations increasingly see the value of certifying their workforce.

Take an Exam

Preparation Resources

At Esri, we are committed to support you throughout your certification journey. We encourage you to explore the qualifications, skills measured and software information for the exams. Additionally, you can download our preparation resources as a general overview of what Esri offerings may assist you with preparing for the exam.

  • Be prepared for your appointment – Read Esri’s Non-Disclosure Agreement and Rules Agreement, verify your two forms of identification.
  • Answer all questions – Correct responses earn one point—incorrect or blank responses earn zero points.
  • Be aware of time, read carefully and, pay attention to the details of scenarios in the exam.

Share Your Success

Once you have achieved an Esri certification, we want to help you promote your achievements. Certified individuals gain access to digital badges that visually represent your achievement and can be used socially to promote your accomplishments.

We also encourage you to share your Success Story to encourage and support others.

NOTE: Minor candidates may not sit for an Esri exam until they have received approval from the Esri Technical Certification Program via email. To request approval to sit for an Esri exam, please follow the instructions within the Esri Technical Certification Program Agreement. Process may take 7-14 business days.

Last updated 2020-08-19