Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Skills Assessment (ATSA)

The Air Traffic Skills Assessment (ATSA) is an entry-level employment aptitude assessment consisting of multiple subtests designed to assess the majority of skills and attributes necessary to be successful as an air traffic controller at the FAA. The assessments include decision-making ability, spatial awareness, multitasking, and working memory, among others. The ATSA result is one of many factors in determining the best candidates for FAA Air Traffic Control Trainee positions.

Completing the ATSA is your next step in the Air Traffic Control Trainee application process. This site enables you to register with the FAA’s contracted vendor (Pearson VUE) and schedule the ATSA. In addition, the site contains links to helpful resources and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Test Eligibility Requirements

First, you must apply to an air traffic control trainee announcement on www.usajobs.gov. If deemed qualified, you will be invited to complete the ATSA. Only invited candidates are authorized to complete this test.

Use of previous ATSA results

If you completed the ATSA in the past, your previous results are valid for three (3) years from the date the test was completed. If your results are still valid, you may opt to use them instead of retaking the test. If you choose to use your previous results, no action is required. Simply exit this page, and your previous results will be applied automatically to this testing cycle. If you choose not to use your previous results, please register on this site and proceed with scheduling the test. If you complete the exam again, your LATEST results will be used. You will NOT be able to use previous results. If you have any questions about your previous ATSA results, please email atsa.questions@faa.gov.

Personal Identification Requirements

Proper identification (ID) is required at the time of admittance for your test. Please refer to the ID policy here: Pearson VUE ID Policy: 1S »

The first name and last name (and suffix if any) on your ID MUST match your name in the testing system. The testing center will not verify your middle name so it does not need to be added to your account. Please refer to the Pearson VUE ID Policy BEFORE emailing name change requests. Additionally, we cannot update your address. If your current address does not match your ID, it will not affect your ability to schedule or take the exam. The testing center will not verify your address.

If your Authorization to Test email contains a name different from the name on your government issued ID, please email atsa.questions@faa.gov prior to scheduling your test. Please send official documentation showing your legal name and the FAA will update your name in the testing system.

Reasonable Accommodations

If you require special accommodations to complete the test, PRIOR to scheduling your test, please email your specific request and supporting documentation to atsa.questions@faa.gov. Your supporting documentation should be less than one year old.

Frequently asked questions

Last updated 2023-09-14