GARP Examinations

Welcome to the online exam registration system for the Financial Risk and Regulation (FRR®) and Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR®) Exams, administered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®).

GARP is the premier association dedicated to the education and certification of risk professionals. Founded in 1996, the nonprofit organization has grown to encompass more than 100,000 members in more than 195 nations and territories around the world. GARP’s unmatched expertise in risk management allows it to create world-class, internationally recognized risk education programs.

Financial Risk and Regulation (FRR) Course

The FRR Course is a four-part, self-study course designed with mid-level risk professionals in mind, building upon the concepts covered in the Foundations of Financial Risk (FFR®) Course. The course offers a detailed analysis of the industry’s current methodologies and gives a comprehensive review of governance structures, market, credit, operational risk, and asset and liability management. The FRR Course also teaches candidates to understand the issues related to the identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks, preparing them to handle risks in the workplace.

*Candidates do not need to complete the FFR Course before taking the Financial Risk and Regulation.

Registration for the FRR Course includes printed textbooks, e-Learning access, FRR Exam access through Pearson Vue, and a digital certificate upon completion.

To learn more about the FRR Course, please click here:

Registration is now open. For any questions, please contact:

Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) Certificate

The SCR Certificate Program provides pivotal knowledge into the complex territories of sustainability and climate risk, as well as key insights into regulatory initiatives, reporting requirements, green finance instruments, and much more. The SCR Exam is a comprehensive assessment that covers the fundamental guidelines, methodologies, and frameworks organizations use to anticipate and manage climate risk.

Registration for the SCR Program includes GARP Learning access (which includes an official practice exam), the SCR curriculum in eBook form, SCR Exam access through Pearson Vue, and a digital certificate upon completion of the SCR Exam.

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The SCR Exam is offered twice a year. Please refer to the Exam Logistics page to learn more about the exam administration dates and fees.

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Identification Information

To gain admission to the Exam, candidates must present a form of ID that meets ALL of the following requirements:

  • Original (not a photocopy) and valid
  • Non-expired
  • Government-issued
  • Contains current photograph of candidate
  • Contains candidate signature

Below is a list of possible acceptable forms of identification:

  • Passport
  • U.S. passport card
  • U.S. military ID
  • U.S. Dept. of State driver's license
  • National/state/country identification card
  • Alien registration card (green card, permanent resident visa)
  • Government-issued local language ID (plastic card with photo and signature)

A digital ID of any kind will not be accepted.

The name associated with the registration must exactly match the name on the candidate’s identification on exam day. This includes an exact match of the first name, last name, and any middle name or initial.

There are NO exceptions. On exam day, a candidate who does not present an acceptable form of ID as listed above will not be allowed to sit for the Exam and will forfeit their exam fee.

Scheduling Information

Candidates must schedule appointments at the testing sites in advance. The exam will be proctored in Pearson VUE’s testing facilities, which are located in 165 countries. All testing locations, dates, and times are subject to availability. Test candidates will be required to provide electronic signatures at all test centers with the appropriate equipment.

Last updated 2024-06-06