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VSS Technical Support Portal

For Pearson VUE Authorized test centers only

Who to call for support with your question

Pearson VUE Customer Service

  • Scheduling and rescheduling exams

Contact Pearson VUE Customer Service


  • Candidates testing with an approved accommodation
  • Confirming comfort aid is acceptable
  • Assistance with implementing an approved accommodation

Contact Accommodations

Program Coordinators (non-technical support)

  • ID requirements for admitting candidates
  • Exam sponsor policies, procedures and rules agreements
  • Candidate issues
  • Candidate not appearing on schedule
  • Scheduling same day or future appointments

Contact Program Coordinators

Channel Quality

  • Temporary or permanent test center closures for reasons such as weather, test center moves, and more (Temporary closures can now be completed by test center within ServiceDirect)
  • Using Site Manager, including updating personnel and hours of operation
  • Test administrator certification and recertification
  • Procedural Questions regarding the Policies and Procedures Guide
  • Test center quality issues
  • Activating a new test center

Contact Channel Quality

VSS Technical Support

See VSS technical support numbers below.

  • Downloading, launching or delivering exams
  • Installing test center software or equipment (Reference Quick Install Guide)
  • Logging into and verification issues for Connect
  • Missing results
  • Authentication codes for exams

VSS technical support numbers

Other links

  • Quick Install Guide - Guide to installing the VUE Test Center applications
  • Connect Portal - ServiceDirect, Site Manager, User Management, Site System Information, Reports
  • Connectivity Tests