(ISC)2 Certification Testing

(ISC)2 Certification Testing

Build a Long-Term, Rewarding Security Career

Register for Your (ISC)² Exam

Scheduling your (ISC)² exam is the first step in building a successful, long-term security career. Earning an (ISC)² certification – like the globally recognized CISSP® – validates your expertise as a security professional in the eyes of hiring managers and your peers.

Registering for your (ISC)² exam is easy.

  1. Create an account with Pearson VUE, the exclusive global administrator of all (ISC)² exams.
  2. Select the (ISC)² certification exam you are pursuing.

    If you haven’t determined the (ISC)² certification that’s right for you, we can help at www.isc2.org/certifications.

  3. Schedule your exam and testing location with Pearson VUE.

Create your Pearson VUE account and register for your exam.

If you require reasonable and appropriate accommodations for exams, you can request special accommodations through (ISC)².

Get Ready for Your Exam

From self-study to online or in-person instructor-led training, (ISC)² has a training option to fit your schedule, needs and learning style. Trainings, seminars, courseware and self-study aids from (ISC)² and our Official Training Providers help you get ready for our rigorous exams by reviewing relevant domains and topics. In (ISC)² seminars, you’ll:

  • Learn from industry experts who have earned the certifications you’re pursuing
  • Receive exam prep that maximizes how much information you retain
  • Attend courses designed to enhance your exam performance
  • Get in-depth, real-world practice you can apply to your job and your exam
  • Benefit from the most up-to-date security content and practices

Find the training that works best for you.

Join a Global Community of Cybersecurity Leaders

Once you are certified and become an (ISC)² member, you’re a part of a global community of more than 140,000 certified security professionals focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. In addition to that extensive network, you gain access to a wealth of continuing education opportunities that will help you keep your skills sharp, informed of the latest trends and best practices, and ensure your expertise remains relevant throughout your career.

Learn more about (ISC)² member benefits.

Last updated 2019-01-16