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JCNDE NBDHE® Practice Test

The National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) practice test modules are intended to help candidates understand the types of questions that will be asked on the NBDHE. These test preparation materials contain samples of three discipline-based components and one case-based component covered on the NBDHE and feature the types of questions and question formats used in the actual exam. However, the modules/sections have fewer items than the actual exam.

These practice modules should only be used as a personal resource when studying and preparing for the NBDHE. The practice modules are not intended to provide an indication of how students will perform on the NBDHE. The number of correct answers will be reported upon completion of each practice test module and have not been correlated with scores on the NBDHE. Therefore, practice test results should not be used to make comparisons with NBDHE results. In both practice and real tests, there is no penalty for guessing. Practice test results will include the total number of correct responses (raw score), as well as the raw scores for each of the major areas covered on the Practice NBDHE. Results are for personal use only.

The NBDHE practice modules are protected by U.S. copyright laws. The practice items are intended for use by students for individual study. They may not be reproduced in any format, whether paper or electronic, without the expressed written permission of the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE). Any unauthorized disclosure of the practice modules’ content could result in civil liability, criminal penalties, or other appropriate penalties.

  1. 1. Some test materials include questions compiled from examinations administered previously by the JCNDE. Periodically, the JCNDE releases items no longer in use to familiarize applicants with the general format and content of its examinations. The JCNDE does not guarantee that the information in released materials is accurate, current, or relevant. Released materials may no longer be consistent with the current test specifications, content emphasis, or test structure. Other test materials were created specifically for the practice test, and were not included on previous exams. Due to the dynamic nature of dental hygiene practice and the biomedical sciences, these materials may be outdated. The specifications of the actual test can change over time; always refer to the current NBDHE Guide for the most current information about the test. The NBDHE Guide is updated each year and is posted on the NBDHE web site.

Individual modules & practice tests

Candidates may choose to complete individual modules and/or comprehensive practice tests. There are two forms available for each module and for the full practice test.

  1. Individual Modules
    • Scientific Basis for Dental Hygiene Practice (30 items/30 minutes)
      • Form SBDHP-101 - $20
      • Form SBDHP-102 - $20
    • Provision of Clinical Dental Hygiene Services (65 items/65 minutes)
      • Form PCDHS-101 - $60
      • Form PCDHS-102 - $60
    • Community Health / Research Principles (15 items/20 minutes)
      • Form CHRP-101 - $20
      • Form CHRP-102 - $20
    • Case Based Items (70 items/125 minutes)
      • Form CBI-101 - $75
      • Form CBI-102 - $75
  2. Full NBDHE Practice Test
    • Form NBDHEPT-101 (180 items/240 minutes) - $100
    • Form NBDHEPT-102 (180 items/240 minutes) - $100

Form NBDHEPT-101 contains the content included across the four Form 101 individual modules. Form NBDHEPT-102 contains the content included across the four Form 102 individual modules. Choosing to complete each full NBDHE Practice Test represents a $75 savings, as compared to choosing to complete the corresponding individual modules separately.

Each module is timed to help candidates obtain a sense of the pace required during the actual NBDHE. Regardless of which form is selected, candidates will have up to 30 days from the date of payment to complete the administration. Candidates can log back into the practice test and view/review the questions any number of times during the 30-day period, as long as there is still time remaining on the timer for the form being taken (see time allotments for each form listed above).

Once the allotted time indicated above expires—or if the candidate clicks the “End Review” button at any time—the administration will conclude, and the candidate will no longer be able to access the corresponding content. Results will then be displayed. Candidates may also login to access their results at a future date.

You must set up a new account in order to register for and take the NBDHE Practice Test. Even if you have an account that you have used to schedule or take the NBDHE previously, taking the NBDHE practice test requires a new, separate account.

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