LinuC (Linux Professional Certification)

LinuC (Linux Professional Certification) is a professional certification designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of IT professionals from a neutral perspective.

About revision of exam fee of LinuC level 3

The exam fee for the LinuC Level 3 300/303/304 exam revised from USD300 (excluding tax) to USD150 (excluding tax) as of July 1, 2019. In addition, it is now possible to retake for USD50 (excluding tax). (One time only)



LinuC (Linux Professional Certification) certifies an IT engineer that the individual has the following skills.

LinuC-1 LinuC-1 Skill of competency in basic Linux server operation and system management.
Detailed Objectives
LinuC-2 LinuC-2 Skill of competency in system planning, installation, maintenance, trouble shooting and capacity planning for Linux system design and network construction.
Detailed Objectives
LinuC-3 300 Skill as a specialist in system construction in mixed environments, integrated authentication and sharing resources.
Detailed Objectives
LinuC-3 303 Skill as a specialist with knowledge of high security systems and competency in high security system design and server construction.
Detailed Objectives
LinuC-3 304 Skill as a specialist in virtualization and high availability technology for cloud construction.
Detailed Objectives


Exam Validity Period
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Recertification Policy

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