Celebrate your Microsoft skills on LinkedIn

Congratulations on passing a Microsoft exam or earning a Microsoft Certification!
Sharing this accomplishment on LinkedIn is the first step toward adding value to your personal brand and celebrating with your network.

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How to share your Microsoft skills on LinkedIn:

  1. On your LinkedIn homepage ribbon, select Me.

  2. Select View Profile.

  3. Then, in the Skills and Endorsements section, select Add a New Skill.
    *Note: If you haven’t already added this section to your profile, on your LinkedIn page, underneath the ribbon, select Add section then select Skills.

  4. In the Add Skills box, start entering the name of a skill (For example, Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps, Azure SQL, etc.) and select it from the offered options. If your skill is not listed, enter the full skill name.

  5. Select Add.

Congratulations, you’ve just shared your skills on LinkedIn. Did you know you can also share your Microsoft badge on LinkedIn? Read this Microsoft Article on claiming and sharing certification badges to learn more.