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New York Behavior Analyst Licensure/Certification Testing

New York Behavior Analyst Licensure/Certification Testing

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) offers behavior analyst credentials at two levels: the Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) and the Certified Behavior Analyst Assistant (CBAA). In addition to the LBA and CBAA exams, each candidate must pass an Autism-specific exam. By scheduling an appointment, you confirm consent for the release of your examination performance and score report to the New York State Education Department.


Candidates testing at Pearson Professional Centers are required to store electronic devices, including cell phones inside a plastic bag, that will be sealed and stored in your locker along with any other personal belongings. All electronic devices that are small enough (smart watches, mobile phones, MP3 player, iTouch, iPod, etc.) must be placed in the bag. Bags will be provided by the testing center.

Application for Examination

Before scheduling an examination appointment, you must have already:

  1. Applied for LBA or CBAA licensure through NYSED;
  2. Been notified of your eligibility to sit for the examinations;
  3. Paid all application fees to NYSED.

Please Note: You will need to pay an examination administration fee to Pearson VUE when scheduling each examination.

Acceptable IDs

Admission to the examination site requires candidates to provide two forms of valid identification. Both pieces of identification must show your first and last name exactly as they appear within your testing organization’s records.

Both pieces of identification must have your signature and must be current (i.e., not expired). The primary identification must be government-issued and include both a photo and signature (e.g., a driver’s license or state/national ID). The secondary identification must include a signature but need not include a photo (e.g., a signed credit card with a signature that matches the government-issued identification).

Failure to present two fully valid pieces of identification will prevent your admission to the test center. If this happens, you will be marked absent and you will forfeit the entire examination fee. Also, any name discrepancies will prevent admission to the exam (e.g., identification that shows a different last name due to marriage). Effective February 1, 2017, Pearson VUE will no longer make exceptions to name discrepancies based on marriage certificates.

Examination interruptions

Pearson VUE delivers New York Behavior Analyst examinations via a web browser. Factors such as available bandwidth and stability of the internet connection at your testing site may affect the time that it takes questions to load. Slow load times do not indicate that there is a problem with your exam and are not grounds for filing an incident report. Should a more serious technical issue arise, please alert the testing center staff immediately and request the filing of an incident report.

Computer-Based Testing Tutorial and Practice Exam

The tutorial presents information on many different kinds of questions, not all of which will appear on the New York Behavior Analyst examinations. The New York Behavior Analyst examinations will consist of basic multiple choice questions.

Last updated 2020-06-24