Ping Identity Professional Certification Program

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Ping Identity Certifications are designed to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills to successfully demonstrate they understand the fundamentals of PingFederate, PingAccess, and PingDirectory, including installation, initial configuration and other administrator-level tasks needed to successfully work with each.

For detailed information on individual Certification requirements, please visit Ping Identity’s Training & Certifications web page.


Exam appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the day you wish to test, subject to availability. The exam/appointment testing time limit noted on Pearson VUE web pages reflects the total appointment time, including an NDA, exam time, and survey.

Ping Identity Certification Exams and Exam Preparation

Ping Identity Certification exams are components of the Ping Identity Certification Program. The exams are computer-based assessments of knowledge, competencies, and skills related to disciplines such as Implementation and/or Maintenance and use a multiple-choice format.

As preparation for Ping Identity Certification exams, recommended courses and/or study materials are available. No training is required before the exams, but we recommend taking our Administrator courses and reading our documentation.

Ping Identity training courses are not designed to be certification preparation courses, but there is overlap between the learning objectives in our training offerings and the exam objectives. We recommend that candidates have six months to one year of experience with the product, and be familiar with the product documentation. We encourage exam takers to review the exam objectives and focus their study on objectives that are high-impact tasks done infrequently (such as installation).

For more information, please visit our Training & Certifications web page.

Ping Identity Certification Program Agreement

Prior to starting a Ping Identity Certification exam, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the Ping Identity Certification Program Agreement, which is presented at the start of the exam. Additional details can be found in our Certification Exams Policies and Procedures Guide.

Exam Retake Policy

If you don’t succeed at passing an exam, you may attempt the exam two more times. There’s a mandatory waiting period between retakes. After your first attempt, you must wait seven days. After your second attempt, you must wait 14 days. If you need additional attempts, contact Ping Identity to discuss your options. You won’t be able to schedule your next attempt until the waiting period is over.

If you’ve passed an exam, you’re not eligible to retake it unless there’s a new version of it available.

Last updated 2022-03-02