Distinguish yourself from other Symfony developers and become an official SensioLabs Symfony Certified Developer. The SensioLabs Symfony2 Framework certification exam is an industry standard to help developers distinguish themselves and emphazise their skill towards IT companies.

The Symfony Certification exam

The official SensioLabs Symfony2 Certification contains 75 randomly chosen questions and is 90 minutes long. The examination covers the following topics:

  • PHP
  • HTTP
  • Architecture
  • Standardization
  • Bundles
  • Controllers
  • Routing
  • Twig
  • Forms
  • Validation
  • Dependency Injection
  • Security
  • HTTP Caching
  • Command Line Interface
  • Automated testing
  • Miscellaneous

Registration Issues

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Purchasing exam vouchers

You can purchase your vouchers to sit the exam on the SensioLabs website or contact us at to get more information.

Once you’ve purchased your vouchers, you will be able to connect to the PearsonVUE candidates manager to use your vouchers and schedule your next examination session at a test center close to your location.

  • Vouchers are emitted the day of purchase and they are valid during 365 days.
  • Vouchers are not refundable or transferable.


Which minimal version of Symfony is covered by the exam?

Which types of questions does the exam contain?

Are persistence frameworks like Doctrine and Propel included in the exam?

Is FOSUserBundle bundle included in the exam?

How many good answers are required to pass the exam?

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

How many grades of certification are there?

Can I reschedule my exam if I can't make it?

What happens if I don't show up at the testing center?

Last updated 2018-02-22