1. Go to your testing program landing page (see FAQ #1).
  2. Click "Sign In." Enter your username and password.
  3. You will encounter a page similar to the one below:

    Example home page
  4. To schedule:
    • Choose an exam beneath the “Exam Catalog” section of your home page (boxed in green above).
    • Fill out any testing details required by your program. These questions vary by exam and program, and some do not have any.
    • Then, choose a location. You may select up to three locations at a time to switch between during the next step.
    • Finally, choose a date and time from the availabilities listed.
  5. To reschedule or cancel, select an exam listed under the "Upcoming Appointments" section of your home page (boxed in blue above) for instructions.
    • Some programs charge fees for rescheduling and/or cancelling an exam. To determine if there is a fee to reschedule or cancel your exam, check your appointment confirmation email.
    • The deadline to reschedule or cancel an appointment will vary by testing program. To determine the policy for your exam and testing program, check your appointment confirmation email.
    • Your profile will reflect the updated appointment and you will receive an email confirming any changes. If your new appointment (or changes) is not reflected online, contact customer service (see FAQ #2) to confirm your appointment.

From your testing program's page, you can:

  • Schedule, reschedule, cancel an exam
  • Locate a test center
  • View available exams
  • Find customer service contact information
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