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2021 Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Changes

During the 2019 legislative session, several changes were made to agent licensing laws in Virginia that will become effective January 1, 2021. These changes will institute agent biennial license renewals, agent fingerprinting and change the date by which agents must complete their continuing education.

Please view the applicable section of the 2021 Continuing Education Handbook – now a combined document outlining CE requirements for both Agents and Providers. FAQs are also available for additional details.

For information regarding Insurance licensing or agent renewals, please visit the Virginia Bureau of Insurance website.

Available downloads

Downloads Stock number Format Size
Virginia Continuing Education Requirements 2021 125325B PDF 143 KB
Course Introduction Statement 2021 125353B PDF 89 KB
Provider FAQs 2021 125357B PDF 126 KB
Agent FAQs 2021 125358B PDF 117 KB
Provider Webinar 125359B PDF 412 KB
VA CE Resident Agent and Provider Handbook 125363 PDF 286 KB
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